"Thank you again for finding Hannah for us – she has been a perfect Godsend – I don’t know how we would have managed without her for this 6 months especially as Stan has had to do 2 trips to the UK."
"We have been so blessed by having Hannah staying with us - it has worked out so well, she is really perfect! Stan had to go back to London this week which was unexpected and as it is the school holidays I don't know what we would have done without Hannah - she has been absolutely amazing.
She was a wonderful help at Pips' birthday party yesterday too. She knew all the children already from school and church - she is really part of the community! We will miss her enormously when she leaves - I wish we could keep her forever!!"
Heather Shaw, Waikawa Bay/Picton

Our lovely Au Pair host mom from Dunedin, Willow MacDonald, has just sent us this photo. Willow has been hosting Au Pair 4 Kiwi Kids since 2016, and on a recent trip she and her daughters have been able to meet up with all their previous  Au Pairs in Germany. It was so nice for everyone to see each other!

And it shows that the connections that are being built during the time an Au Pair lives with your family often last way  beyound your time together. We've even had families attend their former Au Pair girl's wedding in Germany :-)
photo Willow mit Au Pairs 2

"We'll be very sad to be saying goodbye to Klara, who has been part of our family for the last 10 months. She fitted right in and was just a fantastic help in the house and with the kids. We had so much fun introducing her to New Zealand culture, and we made so many happy memories with her. Our family will miss her a lot, and we are looking forward to our second Au Pair with Au Pair 4 Kiwi Kids.
Birte's agency is a great alternative to the big agencies, if you're after a more personal and friendly service. She did a fantastic job matching us, and looking after us and Klara."
Uli Trute and Donald Anderson, Wellington


"Birte is wonderful to work with and offers an extremely professional and personal service.
We have her to thank for three amazing au pairs over the last four years.  She is skilled at attracting wonderful candidates, understanding them and matching them with great care to each particular family.
For us this ensured a brilliant fit and a great experience. Each au pair has been highly responsible, hard working and fun. And the au pairs have told us they know Birte really cares about them. This is not always a common experience with other agencies. Thank you Birte."
Alison & John O'Brien, Wellington


"Nina has developed such a bond with us... She truly has become family and I love hearing about her dreams, adventures and passions. Will be hard to say goodbye. She's already planning for (our children) Sam and Lily to visit on their OE.  Been an amazing experience and much needed support from Nina... Daily say to her that I really don't know how we ever survived without her and her help".
Amanda Boulton, Nelson


Foto Pauline mit Kindern"Hi Birte,

Things are working really well for our family and Pauline. Pauline has been a really good fit in every way as she always goes the extra mile, shows initiative, is reliable, has a good sense of humour, and has slotted in so well with us and both Nicole and Henry think she is great, so we wanted to thank you for your part in that!"
Kylie and George Ridd  (Christchurch)



photo host family with Andrea

“We can’t believe that Andrea is already leaving us, the time has flown past!

We had never had an au pair before and it was bit daunting for us so we chose to “try it out” for 6 months. 

Birte’s agency was very personal unlike the large ones who invariably did not reply to requests. She was able to match us with Andrea and was there to give us all support and advice throughout the process. Andrea has been great with the boys and settled into being part of the family with ease.

As far as having an au pair our experience has been so good, we are hooked! For our family situation, both working parents with no family support we are delighted with the balance we have, allowing dedicated time with the kids when we can and also time together as a married couple, we can be spontaneous.

We look forward to Sabrina our next au pair, we would certainly recommend Au-pair 4 Kiwi Kids.

Rowenna & Stuart Allabush, Auckland

"We have loved hav­ing Maresa look after our children. She has been incredibly reliable, not a single day off sick in 10 months. Her flexibility regarding hours has also been great. We have tried to make her working hours relatively consistent, but it has never been an issue for her to adjust them according to our family's requirements.

The children have really appreciated hav­ing a big sister. They will definitely feel the loss of her when she goes. I have also enjoyed hav­ing a young woman staying with us and it has been lovely to introduce her to New Zealand culture."

Suzanne, Nelson

"I have only positive things to say about our experience with Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids. Coming home after work and hav­ing dinner ready, tidy house and happy children is amazing. It means that we can all come together as a family and spend the evening together rather than rushing around cooking and cleaning. It is such an affordable option for child care and a great way for a young adult to have an overseas experience in a safe secure, welcoming family enviroment.

We have enjoyed hav­ing Au Pairs come and stay with our family over the last 5 years. It has been a great opportunity for the kids to be able to be looked after in the security of their own home while we are working. It has also worked well that the children are able to still attend their after school activities or have friends over to play while they wait for us.

We have had minimal issues with all 6 girls that we have had to stay and I put that down to a clear contract that Au-Pair for Kiwi Kids organises and the high calibre of girls that they are thoroughly interviewing and checking for you.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Au-Pair for Kiwi Kids and I'm happy to talk to any family that is considering using their service and has further questions from a family perspective."

Deanna Knowles, Mana

"Our Au Pair fitted into our home very quickly. She was fantastic with our four and five year old daughters. She completed her cleaning tasks well and was always quick to see what needed to be done and would do it.

One of the great things about going through Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids is that all the paper work is done for you, e.g. Police checks and a contract."

Cindy O'Leary, Nelson

"We have had an au pair living with our family since July 2014. Anne, our au pair, is now a part of our family and although initially our contract was for six months we have extended this for a further six months as we’ve found the overall experience of hav­ing an au pair to be a rewarding one. Anne is well accepted by both our daughters and has taught our oldest daughter some basic German.

Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids is a well managed business and provides excellent service and support. Birte is always a pleasure to deal with. What we like about Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids is not only the personal service in matching up an au pair for our family but also the support after the au pair arrived and for the length of the contract. We would strongly recommend Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids to anyone considering their childcare options.

Anna and Mike Reed, Blenheim

Merle webseite"When we started thinking about hav­ing an au pair it was a little daunting. We had to think about someone else being in our home and whether we would have the chance for our own family time and personal space, whether they would be able to look after our children adequately and whether it really was suitable for us.

After correspondence with our au pair and a telephone interview, we decided to go for it and we knew that we had to just experience it to really know if it was for us. It was exciting knowing that someone was coming all this way to help us and be part of our family, but we also knew that it was a big decision and a brave thing for our Au Pair to travel half way across the world to a family she did not know.

 All our fears have now been quashed, our au pair has been a great companion to us and she has been fabulous with the children. Personally speaking (as the mother) she has been great to hang out with. She has also been mindful of our privacy and we have never ever felt that she has been an intrusion. We have exchanged different cultural events and traditions, cooked together, dressed the xmas tree together, gone to the beach together, even out dancing together!

We have learned so much from this experience, and one important thing
for any host family, is to realise the need for constant communication. This
has been vital, given the language difference and cultural differences. Now
that we are 8 months into our contract, I can say that this has been an
excellent experience and one I wish to carry on with. The downside is that they
have to go home at some point!!"

Amanda Blyth-Cowman, Tauranga

 Ruth“We have really enjoyed hav­ing Ruth live with us as our Au Pair. She has been fantastic with our three children and they adore her. Ruth is a lovely person and very responsible. I have never worried about the children while they were in her care. We will be very sad to see her return to Germany. Thank you, Birte! Please find us another Au Pair to become part of our family." 

Lee Austin and Dean Adams, Masterton

"Birte, ...I am sure you know how wonderful Mareike was for us and how special she was to us as a family. We miss her so much and still talk about her every day. I really wish she would come back to New Zealand and live with us!!! She would be more than welcome in our home anytime!"

Samantha Wing, Muriway Beach

Claudia webseite“We have had two Au Pairs from Germany through Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids. Both Soenje and Claudia have helped to make our family and work life much more relaxed, supportive and functional (for us all). We think Birte from Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids has great skill at matching Au Pairs to families and would thoroughly recommend her to find you an Au Pair.”

Andy Spanton and Anita Roy-Chaudhuri, Sumner, Christchurch

“Birte, we are just delighted with Julia. She does everything I ask of her efficiently and perfectly. She is reliable, honest and competent. It is making the lead up weeks to the birth of our third baby so much easier hav­ing an extra set of hands to fold washing, peel vegetables and play with the children, and it will undoubtedly make a tremendous difference when the baby actually arrives. We are already dreading her departure!”

Margot Lyons, Island Bay, Wellington

...after hosting the second Au Pair:  Femke webseite

"Birte, I am so sad to be saying goodbye to Femke next week. We have so enjoyed her and I will miss both her company and her helping hands greatly. She has been a wonderful au pair in all respects, the children love her, we love her and it has been great hav­ing someone in our home who has made such an effort to meet people and make the most of her time. She has really grown from strength to strength as a person in my view and your initial description of her was very perceptive and spot on.Thank you for finding us two really great au pairs who we will love keeping in touch with."

Margot and Tim Lyons, Island Bay, Wellington

"Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and our Au Pair. Compared to other agencies I have dealt with in the last twelve months I think you took the most care and attention to detail with matching up appropriate families with au pairs.

If my daughter was travelling abroad to live with another family for a year I would feel secure with her dealing with you."

The Judd Family, Howick, Auckland

Imme Geburtstag for webseite"We had Imme staying with us for a year and it was a great experience. Our children are a bit older (aged 7, 10 and 13) so the au pair's job was a combination of child care and housework. hav­ing an Au Pair also gave our family to get a puppy -something which we had long wanted but had been unable to do as we both work. However the main positive outcome for us was the precious opportunity to expose our children to a different culture (Imme put on a German Xmas!) and the entire family to make a new friend who we shall certainly stay in touch with."

Liz Macdonald, Sumner

Siglinde webseite"Apart from her being an enormous help with our children and household, I personally think it is a great experience to get to know our Au Pair Siglinde so well as a person and to integrate her into our family. In the same way our Au Pair gains by staying with us in New Zealand, our family gains by hosting an Au Pair from Germany.”

Meta Brand, Island Bay, Wellington

Natalie webseite"Natalie has been fantastic and we now don’t know how we will cope without her! Thanks once again."

Catriona and Glenn Marvin, Remuera, Auckland



Hi Birte - We are thrilled to have such a lovely and amazing personality helping us at home and we would like to thank you soo much. Everything has gone very well and the only problem is that if we get another au pair from you - will she match up to Leonie, as I couldn't imagine a better au pair!! (...) I would love to book another au pair from you to start when she goes.

The au pair form of childminding is ideal for us and I really believe I will keep this going for a year or two if I can.“

Hazel Thelin, Nelson

“Dear Birte, We are absolutely delighted with Sarah! She has been amazing and a wonderful addition to our family. She has far exceeded our expectations and is a pleasure to have around. She shows initiative, is thorough, clean and tidy and most important...she is wonderful with Charlotte and Freddy. Thank you so much!!”

Victoria Gorman, Blenheim

"Monique was one of the best things that ever happened to our family. Life is less stressful and there are more happy moments since she has been around".

Anke Richter, Lyttelton

Read Anke's full story  in the article she wrote for Next magazine:

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