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What are the benefits of hosting an Au Pair in our family?

  • The Au Pair offers caring, reliable, affordable and flexible in-home childcare.
  • Your children will have a “big sister” who looks after them and plays with them in the safe and familiar environment of your own home.
  • Siblings can be cared for together, and of course the Au Pair will also look after your children should they become ill.
  • The Au Pair will also support you with household chores like cleaning, preparing meals, washing etc.
  • If you have a newborn baby in your family, an Au Pair will be a wonderful support during this busy time, especially if your baby has older siblings.
  • Hosting an Au pair in your family can help you to balance work and family life and to find a bit more time for yourself.
  • The Au Pair gives you the chance to go out some evenings and have a reliable babysitter at home!
  • On top of all the support an Au Pair gives you, hosting an Au Pair from Germany is also an interesting and rewarding cultural experience for your whole family.

How long does it take to find the right Au Pair?

If you would like to host an Au Pair, please contact us as soon as possible in advance. This makes it easier to find the right Au Pair for your family and also it helps the Au Pair as they usually need some time to organize visa, flight to New Zealand etc.

While we might have Au Pairs available who are ready to start their Au Pair job at short notice, it usually takes 2-3 months before the Au Pair can join your family.

We place Au Pairs all year round, however most Au Pairs would like to start their Au Pair time in New Zealand between July-September and also in January-February each year.

Can the Au Pair care for a baby?

If you are looking for an Au Pair to care for your baby in a sole charge role, we ask that your baby is at least 6 months old. We would then make sure that the Au Pair we introduce to your family has previous experience with looking after a baby.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, and just need the assistance from your Au Pair with your baby and older siblings, we can also place a suitable Au Pair with your family when you have a newborn baby.

Can the Au Pair drive a car?

Yes, most of the Au Pairs have a full clean driver's license and if you require an Au Pair who can drive as part of the Au Pair job, we will make sure to introduce an Au Pair who has a driver's license and experience as a driver.

Please note that German Au Pairs will have experience with driving on the right hand side, and when they first arrive in New Zealand they will need to practise and get familiar with driving on the left hand side of the road. Please take the Au Pair out in your car to practise driving the routes she needs to know, before asking the Au Pair to transport your children by car. Please also make sure that the car is insured for the Au Pairs use and the car is roadworthy with a current WOF and license.

What are our tax obligations as an employer for our Au Pair?

While the Au Pair idea is based on cultural exchange, in New Zealand an Au Pair who works in your family is considered an employee. As the employer for your Au Pair, you are responsible to deduct and pay PAYE on your Au Pairs wage.

The Au Pair is entitled to minimum wage, however the contract that we set up for you and your Au Pair allows for the deduction of the value for board and lodging, so that the net wage you will pay the Au Pair is reduced to between $130 to $220, depending on the weekly working hours.

As an employee, the Au Pair is entitled to the same rights and benefits as any other employee under New Zealand employment law, including public holidays, annual leave and sick leave.

If you would like assistance with tax payments, we are happy to put you in contact with a free Payroll service that is funded by the IRD. Using this service will make it really easy for you to comply with tax obligations.

Do we still get some private family time when an Au Pair lives with our family?

Yes of course! While it's good to spend time together with your Au Pair, both family and Au Pair need their private time and space as well, and the Au Pair will be mindful of your needs for family time. After a busy day with looking after your children, the Au Pair may want to spend some time in her own room or go out to do other activities like go to the gym, go jogging or do other activities.  We will help your Au Pair to connect with other Au Pairs nearby, find friends and build her own social network. We find that the Au Pairs love to organize activities together and enjoy weekend trips away and generally make the most of their time in New Zealand.

What happens if problems arise with our Au Pair?

It is only normal that when living together with your Au Pair over a longer period of time, and given the chance of possible language misunderstandings or cultural differences, eventually a problem may come up.

We encourage both your family and your Au Pair to talk openly about any issues that may arise. Germans are used to open communication, and there is a good chance that when you talk about something that is bothering you, you will be able to solve the problem directly with your Au Pair.

Experienced host families are finding it helpful to make a regular time with their Au Pair each week where they will talk about plans for the week, any special occurances and this also gives them the chance to bring up anything that may be bothering them and that can be addressed right then and there.

If you  would like support with resolving any issues between you and your Au Pair, you are welcome to contact us any time.

Can we extend the contract with our Au Pair?

Yes! We often have new families who originally choose a 6 months contract with their Au Pair, but then find out the arrangement suits them so well that they would like to extend the time with their Au Pair. If both Au Pair and family agree, we can extend the contract to a total length of up to 12 months.

What happens if it doesn't work out with our Au Pair?

Even with the best planning and support, occasionally a placement may not work. If you need to end the Au Pair contract earlier than planned, this is possible with a two week period of notice. If we have a suitable new Au Pair available, we will offer you a free rematch.

How do we apply for an Au Pair 4 Kiwi Kids?

To apply for an Au Pair, please send us your family application and email some photos of your family to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We look forward to introducing an Au Pair to your family!