What the Au Pair can expect from your family: Foto Pauline mit Kindern


  • to feel welcome in your family and be treated like part of the family
  • her own private, furnished bedroom and three meals a day
  • a weekly allowance, for details see below
  • 4 weeks of paid holiday in a 12 months contract. Pro-rated holidays will apply for shorter contract lengths (i.e. 2 weeks paid holiday for a 6 months contract). The time for taking the holiday has to be agreed on between family and Au Pair and fit in with the family's needs
  • Public holidays will be paid days off for the Au Pair if they fall on a day she normally works
  • After 6 months of employment, the Au Pair is entitled to 5 days paid sick leave.

Weekly Au-Pair wage:

The Au Pair's gross wage is based on the New Zealand minimum wage, with PAYE calculated from the gross wage. This is the net wage + PAYE (after deduction of value for board/lodging) valid from 1st April 2020 until 31st March 2021:

Up to 25 hours: $175 net + $70.40 PAYE   =   $245.40

Up to 30 hours:  $205 net + $88.26 PAYE  =   $293.26

Up to 35 hours:  $235 net + $106.20 PAYE =   $341.11

Up to 40 hours:  $270 net + $123.96 PAYE  =  $393.96

These hours include babysitting (if needed) on up to two evenings per week.

Tax Obligations

An Au Pair is considered to be an employee according to New Zealand law and is entitled to minimum wage. The Au Pair contract that we set up for you and your Au Pair will allow for the deduction of board and lodgings from the wage.

The Au Pair will apply for an IRD tax number when arriving in New Zealand, and you will need to register as an employer with the IRD, and deduct the PAYE tax and pay this monthly to the IRD.

If you would like assistance with this, we can put you in contact with an IRD approved Payroll Service that will do all the paperwork for you for a small fee.

Alternatively, once you register as an employer, IRD will send you information on how to manage PAYE contributions and file the associated paperwork each month.