What is an Au Pair? 

Soenje mit LilahOur Au Pairs are young women (and occasionally men) from Germany, who are interested in getting a true Kiwi Experience by living with a family in New Zealand for 6-12 months and assisting with childcare and housekeeping... and exploring New Zealand on the weekends and during their holidays.

Most Au Pairs are between 18-23 years old and have just finished College and are wanting to make a new experience in a gap year before starting their studies at University.

Au Pairs don't usually have a formal childcare qualification, but all of our Au Pairs will bring childcare experience from e.g. babysitting, volunteering at a Kindergarten, coaching a sports group, working as home tutors or similar.

Au pair is French for “on equal terms”. This means that the Au Pair is not regarded as a domestic help but lives with the family like a working family member. The Au Pair and family are helping each other out in a fair balance of give and take.

While the Au Pair helps take care of your children and also helps with housekeeping, your family offers a seperate furnished bedroom, all meals 7 days a week, a small allowance, and participation in family life.

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All of our Au Pairs undergo a careful screening process and we hold a personal interview with each Au Pair applicant - either via Skype or in a personal meeting in Germany. We look for Au Pairs who are caring, open minded, responsible and reliable - and who have the maturity and flexibility that is needed.

We make sure to select Au Pairs who really enjoy looking after children and who have practical experience in childcare (i.e. baby sitting, helping out at a kindergarten). The Au Pairs provide written references for their childcare experience.

All our Au Pairs have studied English at school, and will be able to communicate with you in English. Spending time with a family in New Zealand is a great way for them to further improve their English language skills, and some Au Pairs may also be interested in attending an English language course.

The Au Pairs come to New Zealand with a working holiday visa which allows them to work in New Zealand for 12 months. The Au Pairs will pay for their return flight to New Zealand and they will have a medical insurance for the complete duration of their stay in New Zealand.

What are typical Au Pair Duties? Cathy mit Jessie webseite

The daily jobs of your Au Pair will depend a lot on your specific family situation, e.g. age of your children, your  working hours etc. Mainly, your Au Pair’s responsibility will be helping with childcare, typical jobs are: 

  • Getting children ready in the morning, help with getting dressed 
  • Preparing breakfast for children
  • Preparing lunch boxes
  • Taking children to kindergarten/school and picking them up again in the afternoon
  • Attending playgroups, music groups etc. with children
  • Playing with children, offering them age appropriate and fun activities, games, story time, arts & craft, baking et.
  • Taking children outdoors e.g. to parks, playground, beach
  • Assisting children with their homework
  • Helping children with bath and bedtime
  • Babysitting (on 1-2 evenings per week)

The Au Pair will also be able to help you with household jobs e.g.:

  • Tidying up children's rooms, play areas and children's bathroom
  • Tidying kitchen
  • Helping with laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Cooking simple meals for the children
  • Preparing/cooking family dinner
  • Grocery shopping
  • Help with looking after family pet

What are your responsibilities as a host family?

When the Au Pair firsMaria with kids and fish and chips newt arrives, she will need some help from you with settling into your family. Our experience is that it gives the Au pair a great start  if one of the parents will be at home during the first few days to help the Au Pair with getting to know your children and familiarizing the Au Pair with your household routine, your surroundings and also explain the jobs you expect her to do.

That gives both you and the Au Pair a good start with getting to know and trust each other, and you'll be able to make sure the Au Pair is confident with looking after your children and familiar with their needs and routines before leaving her in sole charge of your children.

For more infos regarding Au Pair wage payments and your responsibility as an employer, please go to Au Pair Wages

Our support while the Au Pair stays in your family  photo Au Pair Treff Lisa Marie Maria und Jenny for website

  • We will contact you after your Au Pairs arrival and  again during the first few weeks to talk to both you and your Au Pair to make sure your Au Pair is settling in well and to answer any questions you may have.
  • We will help your Au Pair to find contacts to other Au Pairs in the region.
  • We will keep in contact with your Au Pair and offer personal meetings in the Nelson region or skype meetings for Au Pairs in other regions. 
  • When you host an Au Pair, you are welcome to contact Au-Pair 4 Kiwi Kids any time by phone, skype or e-mail to clear any questions that may come up.
  • Also, if a problem should arise that can’t be resolved directly between your family and your Au Pair, please contact us so that we can help find a solution which is acceptable for both sides
  • Even with the best planning and support, occasionally a placement may not work. If you need to end the Au Pair contract earlier than planned, this is possible with a two week period of notice.